[News] Sorry for the absence {02} #BAC #GAZA #Ramadan #UniversityRegistration

As Salam Alikum, I'm +Abdeljalil Fcmam and I'm back ! Hello everyone!
Excuse me for my absence, There was no new AIO nor Arabized programs for a while and I'm sorry about that.
I had many reasons and excuses, The biggest one was my Baccalaureate exam (BAC) and thanks to Allah I got it ☺. Then I was a little bit confused about the university registration and what should I choose.
By the way, the BAC result were published on Ramadan, and as you know (maybe) that Muslims should profit in this blessed month.
Then I spent my free time too on having rest after this long year of fight & studies and on watching the Fifa World Cup matches, specially my national team of Algeria ♥, WOW! I was very proud of them.
And, for these days how could I create something or share something beautiful or at least new =p while I'm seeing our brothers dying in GAZA and Palestine, watching children & women dying.. I'm so sad to see that.

Last time,I said on the blog's Facebook page that I'm preparing a new video of AIO vs Toolbars and a new AIO (not a big deal, just a simple one) and I'm arabizing some tools (AIO-man huh ?) but everything was paused because what's happened to our brothers in GAZA and Palestine, who can enjoy designing & creating when he know that his brothers were bombed & killed !

On another side, I'm proud of my program (YouTube Tuto Helper) I used it to watch "Google I/O 2014 - Keynote" - Live ! as it shown on the picture below

And I also watched some Fifa World Cup matches (were diffused on YouTube by some bloggers) using it (Video here).
And I'm really Happy to know that many people find that AIO vs Toolbars were helpful for them.
Well thank you for reading my blog, for visiting my little world, for downloading or testing my AIO or my programs, for contacting me, well thank you for reading this ☺
I'll be back soon /I hope so!
Ramadan Mubarek, Aïd saïd (Happy Aïd) and..Ciao ! Salam.

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