Youtube Tuto Helper 1.0 (Beta)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful

How do i keep/pin a YouTube video on top? I want to follow a tutorial and apply at the same time?
How do I keep a window always on top ? when i'm working on Photoshop ?
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YouTube Tuto Helper is the answer !

Youtube Tuto Helper designed & programmed using Autoplay media studio , useful utility

The YouTube Tuto Helper is a utility help you to pin your YouTube video on top while you work on Photoshop,Gimp,After Effect , Autoplay Media Studio, the Web ..

Features : 

  • Resizable window
  • Pinned on top windows
  • Movable Window

Screenshots : 

Youtube tuto helper main page , open youtube video
The Main page
Testing Youtube tuto helper
Testing with The last post's video

Custom size

Getting started window

Overview (YouTube video)

Requirements : 

  • Adobe Flash ActiveX Control (
  • Internet Explorer ActiveX Control (

Download Links : 

Download Youtube Tuto Helper 1.0 from SOFTPEDIA

Get it from CNET!

Awards : 

PS : 

I'm writing this article while i'm watching today's Zapping

In the video : KAMEL LABIAD  لا تكن شياتا و مت و أنت تحاول - Algerie360

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