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Fcmam5 :AIO Store a blog created by Fcmam5 and is dedicated to the sharing of designed AIO's', programs, eBooks, Arabized programs, Autoplay media studio (AMS) tricks & tutorials ..
This is my first experience in professional blogging after leaving the forums world .
Before this blog : I was just a member in Startimes then I became a supervisor or moderator (I don't know which one is the best translation for "مشرف") of AIO & Arabization forum ( Forum250 : منتدى التجميعات و تعريب البرامج) .
I had many articles, AIO Cds, Arabized programs, tutorials and AIO design student(I wish all the best for them may Allah be with my brothers) there but now i'm out .
March 2014 : With some experience of blogging from MyComputer-Now and Goggling .. and a lot of  help from my brother Tayeb I made my first step in Professional Blogging -Wish me good luck-

Blog events

  • March 8th,2014 Fcmam5 :AIO Store's first post (intro) it was about "Dua'a el-Istiftah" (دعاء الاستفتاح) and a simple introduction for my blog.
  • April 23rd,2014 Creation of Fcmam5 :AIO Store's official Facebook page
  • August 19th,2015 New Facebook Page for Fcmam5 :AIO Store

About Fcmam5

Fortas Abdeldjalil, an Algerian from Oran
A simple Autoplay media studio user, who like designing AIO, Arabizing programs (تعريب البرامج), graphic design, programming .
Far from Geek life : Abdeldjalil is a student and Avanced EFT Practitioner.

What does Fcmam5 mean ?

My full name is Fortas Mohammed Abdeldjalil Mokhtar (too long huh ?), my mother's name start with a C
So that i like using FCMAM on my geek life .

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does AIO mean ?

Simply AIO is an abbreviation of " ALL In One"
Many programs in one program/file or CD
For example :  Mini GameBoosters AIO is a collection of 7 game boosting software, these programs are collected in one executable compilation, when you open it you'll have a menu and you can choose what you want ..

What does Arabization mean ?

In Arabic (تعريب) , translating a program from his original language to Arabic.
Like this example : Free Screen to Video (my last arabized program until now)

Why your blog is in English ?

Because you can read this ☺

What Does the fox say ?



Another questions ?

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Licence Creative Commons
Fcmam5 : AIO Store de Fcmam5 est mis à disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Attribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale 4.0 International.

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