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ExecutedProgramsList v1.00 arabized (تعريب)

Hello all, As-Salam Alikum.
After my long absence today I decided to come back with an Arabization of a new tool by Nir Sofer.
Today's program is a tiny software that display a list of last executed programs.
ExecutedProgramsList's window before the arabization by Fcmam5
Screenshot: ExecutedProgramsList v1.00 before the translation

ColorButton plugin for Autoplay Media Studio

Hello all. As Salam Alikum
Today we have a nice Action plugin for Autoplay Media Studio
Our plugin is called ColorButton, it allow you to choose a color to use it in your project. For example with < Application.SetPageProperties("Page1", {BackgroundColor=e_Color}); > command the user choose the project page background color from the ColorButton (As it shown on the picture)
ColorButton plugin changing the background color example
ColorButton plugin example
In this plugin Alexander Bischofberger , Zorglab gives you many actions to do such as :
ColorButton plugin actionsColorButton.SetDefaultText

ColorButton example (changing the background color), you can download it from :

Or just check it from this video : 

Downloading the plugin

Let us download the plugin from 

[News] Sorry for the absence {02} #BAC #GAZA #Ramadan #UniversityRegistration

As Salam Alikum, I'm +Abdeljalil Fcmam and I'm back ! Hello everyone!
Excuse me for my absence, There was no new AIO nor Arabized programs for a while and I'm sorry about that.
I had many reasons and excuses, The biggest one was my Baccalaureate exam (BAC) and thanks to Allah I got it ☺. Then I was a little bit confused about the university registration and what should I choose.
By the way, the BAC result were published on Ramadan, and as you know (maybe) that Muslims should profit in this blessed month.
Then I spent my free time too on having rest after this long year of fight & studies and on watching the Fifa World Cup matches, specially my national team of Algeria ♥, WOW! I was very proud of them.
And, for these days how could I create something or share something beautiful or at least new =p while I'm seeing our brothers dying in GAZA and Palestine, watching children & women dying.. I'm so sad to see that.

Last time,I said on the blog's Facebook page that I'm preparing a new video of AIO vs Toolbars and a new AIO (not a big deal, just a simple one) and I'm arabizing some tools (AIO-man huh ?) but everything was paused because what's happened to our brothers in GAZA and Palestine, who can enjoy designing & creating when he know that his brothers were bombed & killed !

On another side, I'm proud of my program (YouTube Tuto Helper) I used it to watch "Google I/O 2014 - Keynote" - Live ! as it shown on the picture below

And I also watched some Fifa World Cup matches (were diffused on YouTube by some bloggers) using it (Video here).
And I'm really Happy to know that many people find that AIO vs Toolbars were helpful for them.
Well thank you for reading my blog, for visiting my little world, for downloading or testing my AIO or my programs, for contacting me, well thank you for reading this ☺
I'll be back soon /I hope so!
Ramadan Mubarek, Aïd saïd (Happy Aïd) and..Ciao ! Salam.

AIO vs Toolbars : Collection of the best toolbars removal tools & cleaner in one free AIO

     How often has it happened that you have at once noticed new toolbars installed on your Web browser ? Or maybe you noticed that you browsers search engine or home page was suddenly changed.
    If you have noticed these things, it is possible that some toolbars may have without your permission installed.
    And with AIO vs Toolbars you can remove any toolbar (إن شاء الله)

    First let me introduce myself :
    Hi, I'm Fcmam5 and I hate toolbars ! I'm a AIO designer so today I'll share my new project with you AIO vs Toolbars, because I think that we hate toolbars !

    Let's start with some questions : 

    I don't have time I want to download it now !
    Okay, Download it from Google Drive.

    What is AIO vs Toolbars

    AIO vs Toolbars, a collection of the best Toolbars removers, cleaners and more.
    This AIO was programmed and designed by Fcmam5 using Autoplay Media Studio.
    In this AIO you'll find 8 toolbare removing tools, and another collection of some selected programs for you as :
    - Anti-Malware & Anti-Spyware
    - Cleaners, You need them after removing toolbars..
    - Installation controlers to avoid installing toolbars while installing something
    - Software updaters: to be safe from bugs & avoid alot of risks.

    El Sheikh Al Albany DVD (أسطوانة الشيخ محمد ناصر الدين الألباني)

    As Salam Alikum, Hi everyone today's AIO DVD is specially for my Muslims brothers. Let me present Al Albani DVD.
    Screenshot : Al Albany DVD أسطوانة الشيخ محمد ناصر الدين الألباني
    Made by the team this DVD contain a biography of the sheikh and many books, articles and tapes and the following :
    • A Biography in English and Arabic
    • eBooks, text files(WORD format & HTML) and audio files
    • Scanned books in PDF
    • The Sheikh's articles in English and Arabic
    • More than 125 audio tape of the Sheikh's conferences & series like el Huda
    • Softwares like the Sheikh's Fatawah library, And the Albany fatwah collector
    The AIO is in Arabic, you can download it from here ( -uploaded by me, and the password is "\Fcmam5" or from the DVD's official website from here.
    I uploaded this AIO DVD last year when I had a RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)[1], then I post it to Startimes forum 
    So, sincerely this DVD isn't exclusive for Fcmam5 AIO Store, but for this English presentation is ☺
    For more information you can check the DVD official website from here.
    I hope you like El Sheikh Al Albany DVD, and Ramadan Kareem (Generous Ramadan) for you all.

    SkinH plugin for Autoplay Media Studio

    Salam Alikom, Today I share with you a great Action plugin for Autoplay Media Studio, it's called SkinH.
    Made by Zloy Gelud, this plugin will help you to let your AIO or AMS program user change your project skin.
    I mean you'll be able to create a "multi-skin" project. Like this

    Great thanks to azizsoft for making this template

    The plugins's author description 

    Plugin allows to mount skins, install Aero effects for Windows XP, apply shadow to the window of the project, etc.
    Source: SkinH Help File, Translated from Russian to English using Google Translate

    Downloading the plugin

    So, Let's download this plugin from Mediafire or 4Shared

    Pimp My Mouse - Reviews, Awards & Testimonials

    Feel free to contact me about your article and it will very probably be listed here (I accept Blog/Forum article, comments ..). Help me spread the world about Pimp My Mouse too.

    Pimp My Mouse - Reviews, Awards & Testimonials


    Giorgiana Arghire from 's review for Pimp My Mouse
    A user-friendly and intuitive software solution that can come in handy to all those who want to quickly replace their mouse cursor
    All in all, Pimp My Mouse can prove to a reliable tool for those who want to either personalize their mouse cursor or who just want to play a prank, although undoing the changes can be more difficult than initially thought. - Giorgiana Arghire/


    100% clean award from Softpedia for Pimp My Mouse
    Softpedia guarantees that Pimp My Mouse 1.4 is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.
    Read the full review at: SOFTPEDIA "100% CLEAN" AWARD

    GuGzhu's review for Pimp My Mouse
    小程序帮助您轻松通过添加新的光标文件,或在您的computer.And寻找他们改变你的光标给你的鼠标指针的位置( X,Y) ;设计人员和开发人员需要这个。 - GuGuZhu
    Read the review at: GuGuZhu


    SuperDownloads's review for Pimp My MouseSe você não desejar baixar nenhum novo cursos, o Pimp My Mouse conta com quatro alternativas disponíveis. Para usá-los, basta selecionar a opção “Choose from List”. No entanto, se você fez o download do seu próprio cursor, use “Add New Cursor” para indicar a pasta na qual ele está armazenado.
    Roda em XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
     - SuperDownloads
    Read the review at: SuperDownloads

    Soft82 100% Clean Award For Pimp My Mouse


    Pimp My Mouse has been tested by team against viruses, spyware, adware, trojan, backdoors and was found to be 100% clean. Our editors will recheck this software periodically to assure that it remains clean. -Soft82
    Read the review at: Pimp My Mouse Antivirus Report from

    Pimp My Mouse sorgt für Abwechslung beim Blick auf den Mauszeiger. Die Freeware durchsucht lokale Datenträger nach installierten Cursor-Grafiken und ändert den Mauszeiger auf Wunsch.'s review for Pimp My MouseDie Funktionsweise von Pimp My Mouse ist schnell erklärt. Das Gratistool durchstöbert die Festplatte nach passenden Maus-Grafiken in den Formaten ICO, CUR oder ANI. Mit wenigen Tastenklicks ersetzt man den Standard-Mauszeiger durch eine andere Grafik. Außerdem zeigt der Helfer die aktuelle Position des Cursors auf dem Desktop per X- und Y-Koordinaten an.
    Das kostenlose Pimp My Mouse erspart Windows-Nutzern den Griff in die Untiefen der Systemsteuerung beim Wechsel der Grafik für die Anzeige des Mauscursors. Kurzum: Ein praktischer Helfer für Fans ungewöhnlicher Mauszeiger. - Shawn/
    Read the review at: review for Pimp My Mouse+ Pro
    Wechselt bestehenden Mauszeiger
    Erkennt ICO-, ANI-, CUR-Grafiken
    - Contra
    Nur auf Englisch erhältlich
    Read the review at:


    Pimp My Mouse on BaixakiPimp My Mouse é um aplicativo leve e prático cuja função é simplesmente alterar o ícone apresentado pelo ponteiro do mouse no seu computador. Sem requerer instalação, basta executá-lo para fazer a mágica acontecer.
    Desde que você tenha arquivos nos formatos ANI, CUR e ICO, é possível usar praticamente qualquer desenho no lugar do cursor do mouse: o programa pode alterá-lo facilmente e sem requerer reinicialização do sistema. -Allan Valin/Baixaki
    Read the review at:


    Pimp My Mouse on xDowns如果您想对每一个小小方面他们按照自己的风格和喜好的计算机进行个性化设置的用户之一,机会是你已经尝试修改鼠标光标。Pimp My Mouse是一个应用程序,特别是为了帮助您简化这项任务,特别是如果你是一个新手不有很多经验与此操作而创建。

    绿盟提示:又一个被误报的软件,已经提交给360等待过白名单,别不认识都报毒啊,亲 -xDowns
    Read the review at: xDowns


    برنامج Pimp my mouse على مدونة كون جيك koun geek برنامج مجاني وبسيط يساعدك في تغير شكل الماوس بنجاح وفي ضغطات بسيطة فقط والجميل في ذلك أن البرنامج تم تطويره من أيدي مطور عربي لذلك فهو يحتاج منا كل الدعم والتشجيع. - Seddek Iguijji
    Read the review at: KounGeek

    Who's next !

    What is the difference between Autorun MAX and Autoplay Media Studio (AMS) ?

    As Salem Alikum, hello everyone.
    Today we will see a comparison between two Indigo Rose products: Autoplay Media Studio and Autorun MAX, most of us know or use AMS (Autoplay Media Studio) but don't know that Indigo Rose lunch a new software "THE AUTORUN MAX" and this article will help you to choose the better one for you .

    First we will compare Autorun MAX Home and Business editions

    Both of the editions have the same design environment, but in the HOME edition can publish your project just as a Folder or a CD or DVD. And you have a splash credit screen when you close your project window - I hate it !
    And in BUSINESS edition you can remove that window, or you can replace it by your logo. You can publish your project as a Folder, CD/DVD or Web/Email Executable and also an ISO Image. Of course with this edition you can distribute your projects for Commercial Use.
    The home edition is 49$ and the business is 129$.

    Now, Let's see the difference between Autorun MAX Business edition and AMS

    SniffPass v1.13 - Password Monitoring Software arabized (تعريب)

    Good afternoon, today we have a new tool arabized by Fcmam5. Please let me introduce you Nirsoft's SniffPass v1.13.

    SniffPass v1.13 arabized by Fcmam5

    WirelessKeyView v1.70 arabized (تعريب)

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله تعالى و بركاته
    In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful
    Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings

    Good afternoon, today we have a new tool arabized by Fcmam5. Please let me introduce you Nirsoft's WirelessKeyView.


    مساحة اشهارية

    Download our Toolbar !
    Contact me :

    About Fcmam5:AIO Store

    Fcmam5: AIO Store is a blog by Fortas Abdeldjalil (Fcmam5) where you'll find All In One software collection , small tools programmed by me, maybe some arabized programs , eBooks and more ..
    I Wish that one day that blog became one of the biggest AIO or AMS blogs, i belive that if i want i can ☺

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