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If you would like to exchange banners with my blog just place the banner above on your blog/website.
Once you have added my banner, and published it to your site inform me of its locations URL Address.
But first : I have made some conditions for the banner-exchange program to avoid all kind of problems.

Conditions :

  1. Mutual Interest : Place my banner, email me then i'll place yours
  2. Content :I won't accept : gambling,adult,violent,racism websites (read more) . I'm Muslim !
  3. Language : No problem with any language .
  4. Landing URL : Shouldn't be shortened or redirecting URL or any advertisement/referral links.
It will be better if you have a : tech blog,software or designs websites,freewares websites,geeks blog, internet news...

Contact me (after placing my banner on your blog/website)




I'll Add more banners later
Please give me a time to review your request. I want this time because sometimes I am unable to visit my blog for a day or two, I am a busy student, and I must make sure you have added my banner to your website/blog.

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Fcmam5: AIO Store is a blog by Fortas Abdeldjalil (Fcmam5) where you'll find All In One software collection , small tools programmed by me, maybe some arabized programs , eBooks and more ..
I Wish that one day that blog became one of the biggest AIO or AMS blogs, i belive that if i want i can ☺

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