Dr CD 2.0 : Top 5 CD recovery programs

Dr CD 2.0, collection of cd recovery programs .
You need to try these program if you want to recover data,music,photos & files from damaged CD & DVD
This is the second release of Dr CD AIO, you can download the first one (not recommended) from Google Drive or GulfUp (contain outdated programs) .

So.. If you were looking for how to recover files & data from CD, DVD.. maybe your answer will be :

Dr CD 2.0

With the same design, the same aqua style of fish and blue environment as the first edition, Dr CD 2.0 comeback with new versions of the programs

Programs in this AIO 

  • Any Reader 3.13 (28-10-2013)
  • CD check final (stable) (04.10.2008)
  • CD Recovery toolbox 2.0 (23-05-2013)
  • Dead disk doctor 1.32 (May 2010)
  • ISO Puzzle 1.7 (15-01-2008)
  • Screenshots

    screen shot of dialog message : welcome to my aio by Fcmam5
    Dialog message : Welcome to my AIO
    dr cd aio main menu : aqua , fish style
    The AIO's menu, Click on Fcmam5 to open "About-me page"

    Download links


    • Any Reader updated
    • CD Recovery toolbox updated

    What's new in Dr CD 2.0

    No special, just :

    • Welcome dialog changed
    • About dialog when clicking on Fcmam5 on the menu

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