What is the difference between Autorun MAX and Autoplay Media Studio (AMS) ?

As Salem Alikum, hello everyone.
Today we will see a comparison between two Indigo Rose products: Autoplay Media Studio and Autorun MAX, most of us know or use AMS (Autoplay Media Studio) but don't know that Indigo Rose lunch a new software "THE AUTORUN MAX" and this article will help you to choose the better one for you .

First we will compare Autorun MAX Home and Business editions

Both of the editions have the same design environment, but in the HOME edition can publish your project just as a Folder or a CD or DVD. And you have a splash credit screen when you close your project window - I hate it !
And in BUSINESS edition you can remove that window, or you can replace it by your logo. You can publish your project as a Folder, CD/DVD or Web/Email Executable and also an ISO Image. Of course with this edition you can distribute your projects for Commercial Use.
The home edition is 49$ and the business is 129$.

Now, Let's see the difference between Autorun MAX Business edition and AMS

  • You can't change executable version information in Autorun MAX, but in AMS you can
    Change Executable Version Information in autoplay media studio
    I can change executable version information in Autoplay Media Studio, and I LOVE it !
  • With Autorun MAX home edition, you can make 100 page in a project, in the Business edition you can make 250, but with Autoplay Media Studio you can make until 2500 page. Maybe no one care about this option, can anyone build a project of 90 page at least ?
  • In Autorun MAX you don't have neither Project Explorer panel nor Object browser
    project explorer : screenshot from youtube tuto helper project
    Project Explorer Panel (Screenshot form YouTube Tuto Helper project)
  • You can't hide objects at design time.
  • In Autorun MAX, you have one Audio channel but in AMS you have Seven !
  • AMS user can make a flash like an intro/startup movie.
  • With Autoplay Media Studio you can make your project window resizable, you can add a menu bar but you can't with the AMX.
  • Autorun MAX don't have: Flash object, WebObject, Hotspot, object, Input, ListBox, ComboBox, Tree, Progress..
  • They don't have any Actions !
  • They have just two Project Events (OnStartup and OnShutdown) but in AMS you have : Startup, Shutdown, Size, Menu 
    Project Events - Autoplay media studio
    Project Events
  • AMS user have 10 Page Events
    page events - autoplay media studio
    Page Events
  • In Autorun MAX you have just one Object Event, not like Autoplay Media Studio (AMS)


Autorun MAX: $129
Autoplay Media Studio: $295

Why I like AMS

  • Because I used to work with AMS, from the 6th version to 8.2
  • Because most of tutorials are for AMS not for Autorun MAX -AMS Tutorials
  • You can't go away with designing, you must code, and with AMS you have many events & scripting options.
  • Because I feel more free on AMS than on Autorun MAX.
  • I like Project Explorer window, I like when I organize my projects !

So, we now you know what is the difference between Autorun MAX and Autoplay Media Studio (AMS). You can choose your designing studio between these two products. You can find the full comparison in this Comparison Chart .
Maybe, I'll write about more AIO designing studios later Insha'Allah  (If Allah wills)[1] .

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